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"You can go and watch a band
There are no rules
But you can't play in one
Unless you've got pointed shoes"
The Instant Automatons - Pointed Shoes

Gig List

This list is by no means comprehensive - in fact, it's full of gaping holes - but these are the only live performances for which I have documentary evidence, either in the form of posters or live tapes. If you attended an Instant Automatons live performance that isn't in the list and can remember the exact date and location, please contact me. I'll include it and give you a namecheck on the site. - Mark

27-28/09/1979 - The World's First Bad Music Festival, The Acklam Hall, Ladbroke Grove, London
11/01/1980 - Grimsby Community Centre, Duncombe Street, Grimsby - Thanks to Martin Harris and Richard Porter for reminding me about this one.
27/07/1980 - Jazz Punk Bonanza, LMC, Camden Town, London (see poster)
08/11/1980 - The Acklam Hall, Ladbroke Grove, London
17/01/1981 - The Acklam Hall, Ladbroke Grove, London
18/04/1981 - The Porterhouse, Retford
29/04/1981 - Bentley Pavilion, Doncaster
02/05/1981 - Huddersfield Polythechnic
23/05/1981 - Meanwhile Gardens, Notting Hill, London - Thanks to Tinker for reminding me about this one. (see poster)
17/07/1981 - Village Hall, Nenthead, Cumbria
30/08/1981 - Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead, London
17/09/1981 - The Berkeley Hotel, Scunthorpe (see poster)
19/09/1981 - Meanwhile Gardens, Notting Hill, London
16/03/1982 - The Clarendon Hotel, Hammersmith, London (see poster)
29-31/05/1982 - Blue Moon Fayre, Nenthead, Cumbria
13/06/1982 - The Tabernacle, Powis Sq., London (see poster)
17/09/1983 - Whitehouses Pub, Retford (afternoon) and Retford Town Hall (evening) - our "reunion" gigs

Gigs I remember but don't know the dates of:
Our last official gig was at the Priory Gatehouse, Worksop. I also remember us playing the Community Centre, Duncombe Street, Grimsby on two occasions (the first being the infamous "pogo music!!!" gig with Chain Of Dots referenced above, and the second a CND benefit gig with Will Vigar's band Doctors Wear Scarlet, which was considerably more enjoyable). The first time we played Meanwhile Gardens (not the one listed above) was also a disaster.

Also there was at least one other gig at the Idiot Ballroom in Hammersmith, and not forgetting The George Robey Pub in London (where we outnumbered the audience). Protag also recalls a gig with The Door And The Window in Covent Garden, London that I'd completely forgotten about. Oh - and a couple of times at The Ship in Plumstead!