Cover Art

Kisses Won't Save You Now

In times of austerity, every penny counts. To this end, 391 have sold out completely and released their most commercially-viable album to date in a vain bid to storm the pop charts. Sadly, major radio stations (and, let's face it, minor ones too) are unlikely to be swayed by the contents of this recording, but you never know - someone might like it. It's even got proper singing and stuff.



01 Jacaranda
02 Beach (ft. Kate Lesing)
03 Tube Voodoo Madness
04 Dolly Daydream (ft. Mark Automaton)
05 The Hexhamshire Lass
06 Invocation of My Demon Brother
07 The Art Of Ability
08 It's All Gone A Bit Bob Todd
09 Greensleeves (ft. Clare J. Mee)
10 An Act Of Twist
11 Morbid Fear of Dirt
12 D'ye Ken John Peel
13 Vaggvisa (ft. Sanna Hartfield)
14 The Sweeter The Apple, The Blacker The Core
Performed, engineered and produced by 391 at Waterden Studios, Scunthorpe

The Art of Ability was originally recorded for Pedro Bericat's “1 Minute Autohypnosis…” Project
Extra vocal bits by Mandy Edge, Anna-Lynne Williams, Anneke Kampman, Chantal Acda and Elly May Irving (among others)