Cover Art

The Director's Cut

In the twenty years since 391 last performed together there have been drastic changes, both to recording technology and to ourselves. We have absorbed influences from many branches of the arts, we have explored alternative forms of self expression, and we have been to the cinema.
We have been to the cinema a lot.
This collection pays homage to the cinematic auteurs who have fed our hearts and minds over the last two decades and beyond.



1. The Man In The Planet (inspired by Eraserhead, a film by David Lynch)
2. Everybody Be Cool
(inspired by Pulp Fiction, a film by Quentin Tarantino)
3. Sadako's Fury
(inspired by Ringu, a film by Hideo Nakata)
4. My Vicious Circle
(inspired by The Lost Weekend, a film by Billy Wilder)
5. A Bullet In The Right Place
(inspired by If..., a film by Lindsay Anderson)
6. Dogger Humber German Bight
(inspired by Ghost Dance, a film by Ken McMullen)
7. Into The Zone
(inspired by Stalker, a film by Andrei Tarkovsky)
8. Hello Bomb
(inspired by Dark Star, a film by John Carpenter)
9. Jack In The Green
(inspired by The Wicker Man, a film by Robin Hardy)
10. Someone's In The Kitchen
(inspired by The Sixth Sense, a film by M. Night Shyamalan)
11. Menstrual Dream Logic
(inspired by The Company Of Wolves, a film by Neil Jordan)
12. What's In The Box?
(inspired by Se7en, a film by David Fincher)
Performed, engineered and produced by 391 at Waterden Studios, Scunthorpe