Cover Art

Every Contact Leaves A Trace

In the dark, dark town there's a dark, dark street.
In the dark, dark street there's a dark, dark house.
In the dark, dark house there's a dark, dark room.
In the dark, dark room there's a dark, dark recording studio.
And that's where 391 made this album.



01 Contact
02 Consolations of Memory
03 Furry Night
04 Theme from Confused Object
05 A Change of Heart
06 Advice to a Young Man
07 All You Need is Lovecraft
08 The Volatile Codex
09 Morning at the Window
10 Blunt Force Trauma
11 Alternative 5 (Alien Braining)
12 Twelve Trees
13 A Translucent-Grey Foetal Monkey
14 Dark
15 Trace
Track 06: Words written and spoken by Mark Automaton
Track 09: Words written and spoken by T.S. Eliot
Track 13: Words written and spoken by William S. Burroughs
Track 14: Words and music by Pere Ubu
Track 11 dedicated to Nigel J.
Performed, engineered and produced by 391 at Waterden Studios, Stenhousemuir
All tracks by 391 except where indicated above